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Study in Italy
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Study in Italy

Everything you need to know to study abroad in Italy:

Italy, the preferred destination for all creatives. It is the fashion capital of the world, and has some of the best colleges in the world.

Italy is rich in ancient history, art, architecture, along with being a picturesque place. Italy is very warm in welcoming international students and has a long history of providing world class education.

Cost of Studying in Italy

Education in Italy is fairly affordable, and you can choose between private and public colleges in the main cities or smaller cities.

Tuition fees in public universities are between €900 to €4000 per year depending on the graduate or post graduate course and university you select.

Degree Fees
Undergraduate INR 8 – 12 Lakhs
Postgraduate INR 9 – 15 Lakhs
Doctoral Degree  

Cost of Living in Italy

Italy is budget friendly, and living expenses for students lie somewhere between €800 and €1500 per month with shared accommodation, food, and transportation. The cost varies depending on the city you choose to live in.

Annual Cost  
Monthly Cost  
Weekly Average  
Part time earning in Italy

International students can take up internships and summer jobs for some exposure. Non-EU students can work as an employee only (cannot start a self-employed business). Italian laws permit international students to work for 1040 hours per year/ 20 hours per week (upto 4 hours per day) and earn 500-1000 euros. This number excludes the internship working hours.

Hours you can work Part time  
Hourly Rate  
Hours you can work on Vacation  


Italy has a unique proposition – International students are eligible for the same scholarships as the local students. Scholarships are offered by the government as well as by certain Italian universities.You can apply for partial or fully funded scholarships or study under an exchange program.

Some of the scholarships are: EDISU Piemonte, Bologna University Study Grants for International Students, Bocconi Merit and International Awards, and ScuolaNormaleSuperiore PhD Scholarships.

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Work Permit after Study in Italy

It is beneficial to know both Italian and English languages if you want to work in Italy.

Non-EU students will need to apply for a work permit after studying at a local immigration office in Italy and earn 1300-1500 euros to begin with. Only students with master's or P.hD. can stay back after studies for 12 months. In case you cannot find employment, you will need to leave the country once your visa expires.

Education System in Italy
  • Education system in Italy has 3 levels – undergraduate degree, master's degree and doctorates.
  • An undergraduate and Master's degree has 2 semesters each year, from September to January and from February to July.
  • Each semester follows the standard schedule of 14 weeks of learning and six weeks of exams.

Top Courses to Study in Italy

Design Business & Management Hospitality & Tourism
Fashion Arts Social Science & Humanities

Intakes in Italy

The universities in Italy have 2 intakes, which are based on the semester system.

Intake Duration
First September
Second February
Eligibility & Admission in Italy

Following are the requirements to study in Italy.

Eligibility Criteria:
For studying in Italy, there are minimum eligibility criteria, and some universities require specific test scores. These are:

  • GRE or Graduate Record Examination: This exam is required when applying for a graduate program. This is one of the main admission requirements for many courses like master's or doctoral degrees.
  • Present a foreign high-school diploma/bachelor's degree (for graduate students) to qualify for university education in Italy. The minimum acceptable scores are 59% in your last two academic years.
  • Proven English or Italian language proficiency depending on the medium of instruction of your course. TOEFL and IELTS scores are accepted by most universities.
  • Students need to pass entrance exams designated for particular courses.

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Student Visa Application
There are two types of visas.

  • Category C or Italy Schengen student visa: It's a short-term visa when the course duration is less than 90 days.
  • Category D or Italy National student visa: It's a long-term visa when the course duration exceeds 90 days.

Non-EU students also have to register with "GardeNationale Immigration Bureau"/GNIB if their stay extends beyond the initial 90 days.

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Why Study in Italy

Specialised Courses
Indian students prefer Italy for fashion and design-oriented courses. Since Italy is the home to several luxury/ designer brands, students have plenty of job opportunities in Italy after completing their studies.

Research and Science Education
Italy has excellent quality of education in Research and Science subjects.

Global Hub for Creativity
A special emphasis on arts and performance arts in higher education makes Italy ideal for students who want to pursue creative professions.

Economical Fees & Costs
Public universities have very cost-effective tuition fees, which are affordable. International students can avail themselves of scholarships by the Italian government and Universities.

Cultural Diversity
Italians are multicultural and helpful to international students and citizens. It also boasts of delicious food and a culture of music and arts.

About Italy

Key Facts

Geographic Location
Italy is located in southern Europe along the Mediterranean Sea.

5.96 Crores

Euro (€)

Calling Code

Main Religion


Major Cities
Milan, Naples, Turin

Popular Festivals
• Carnevale
• Battle Of Oranges
• Florentine New Year

Italy is located in the southern hemisphere of Europe, surrounded by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Italy has a rich and brilliant history and is the world’s ninth greatest economy. It offers numerous courses in Art, Design, Law, Business, Engineering, Sciences, and Medicine. The higher education system comprises universities, Higher Education for Fine Arts, Music and Dance, and Institute of Technical learning.

India - Italy Relations

The Indian diaspora in Italy is the largest one in Continental Europe. India and Italy have cordial relations. There are thousands of Indian students studying in Italy. It shows that studying abroad in Italy is favored for overseas education.

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