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Become a Doctor by studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Become a Doctor by studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most preferable countries for Indian students to study MBBS. It offers lots of opportunities that you can explore and apply to a top medical institute in the country. You do not have to experience any hassles in getting admission to one of the prestigious medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. If you want to know more details in this regard, then continue reading the blog. There is straightforward information that will be helpful to you.

The Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan are Internationally recognized

You would be more than convinced to know that reputed medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are recognized by the WHO, MCI, and WDOMS. So, the certificate you get after successful completion of the MBBS degree from one of the institutes is valid. You can practice anywhere in the world after getting the MBBS certificate.

Top Universities where you can study

There are 6 main universities where you can Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. It is recommended to do good research on each of the colleges before you consider applying. The following list has the names of the main medical colleges and universities in Kyrgyzstan:

Kyrgyz State medical University in Bishkek Jalalabad Medical University Asian Medical Institute in Kant
International School of Medicine, Kyrgyzstan IMI Academy in Bishkek Osh State Medical University in Osh


We, the experienced educational consultants of Vidya Edify, provide professional support in choosing the most suitable medical college to pursue a MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan, considering expenses, features of the course, and other relevant factors.



The Admission Process is simple

You have to focus on the different aspects and requirements of the admission process. The procedures are simple and you do not have to counter any hassles. You can Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Admission Open 2022-23 by seeking expert help from experienced education consultants. They have several years of expertise in guiding students to get admissions for MBBS courses in different foreign countries. You will not face any trouble during or after the admission process.

You have to sit for the NEET exam

Keep in mind that you have to take the NEET exam to be eligible for getting a medical seat at one of the colleges in Kyrgyzstan. Also, you have to score a minimum 50 percentile in the exam. Presenting a copy of the official NEET score to the concerned authorities is mandatory to ensure admissions. It is obvious that if your score is high, there is a higher chance of getting admissions. It is wise to think about the process beforehand to keep everything organized and focus on the details. Note that NEET score is mandatory for getting admissions in any of the medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. Also, keep in mind that duration of validity of the score is 3 years. Within these 3 years after obtaining a score, an Indian candidate has to secure admissions in a certified medical course abroad.

The Fees are affordable

Are you concerned about the budget? It is not unnatural to bother about the education costs. But the good thing about studying in Kyrgyzstan is you have to deal with reasonable course fees. The charges are not exorbitant, from a practical perspective. When you compare the fees with the course fees at Indian private medical colleges, the amount is less. So, you do not counter any issues as far as managing the budget is concerned. Also, you may apply for a loan. Moreover, there are numerous opportunities of receiving a scholarship from the medical college. Usually, the range of fees is Rs 11 lakh to Rs 17 lakh for the full course.

Duration of MBBS Course in Kyrgyzstan

The typical duration of the MBBS course in the country is 6 years. The internship period is included within the course duration. After you finish the course modules, you have to serve as an intern doctor. It is a valuable experience you gain. It helps to enrich your professional profile and makes you more competitive in the market. The overall experience is rigorous and immersive simultaneously. You thoroughly enjoy your stay in the lovely country.

Taught in English

There is no language barrier as far as studying in Kyrgyzstan is concerned. The full course is taught in English. Also, you do not have to submit any TOEFL or IELTS score to prove your credentials to the concerned authorities. The professors are friendly and helpful. You will love interacting with them and have a quality time studying at a Kyrgyzstan medical college.

Avail of requisite support from Education Consultants

If you want to know more details about the admission process of MBBS courses in Kyrgyzstan, then it is rational to seek support from top education consultants of Vidya Edify. We will guide you at each step. Get in touch with the experts.

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