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Privacy Policy

At Vidya Edify, one of our main priorities is to protect the information of our beloved customers. As veteran and reputable educational consultants in the industry, we leave no stones unturned in securing the data you provide to our entity.

Vidya Edify is fully committed to secure every bit of customer information. We collect data proficiently and organize it, catering to specific requirements of our customers, giving no opportunity to complain against the service quality.

  • The records are specifically used for internal company protocols
  • We legally leverage the information to improve our services
  • We may send you updates and offers using the information your provide us

We comply with the industry standards while dealing with every customer. As a top educational consulting agency, we are well-equipped with a wide range of advanced technologies and managerial methodologies to protect any kind of information.

We manage Cookies

In simple terms, a cookie is a technical file that tracks a visitor on the web platform or interface. We use cookies on our website to understand the dynamics of our web traffic. It helps us to make our services more transparent.

NOTE that a cookie is unable to provide any information about your personal computer, mobile device or you.

Any visitor on our site has the choice to either accept or decline the cookie. We dedicatedly respect the privacy of our customers.