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MBBS Abroad FAQs

Studying MBBS abroad is a better alternative for Indian students who have missed securing a medical seat in prestigious Indian colleges. MBBS abroad is well-suited for students who do not want to pay hefty donation fees to private medical institutions. Students need not change their stream and leave behind their dreams of becoming a doctor. Plus, they don’t need to take a one-year gap to get a medical seat in India.

There are many popular destinations for studying MBBS abroad. Indian students can pursue MBBS in Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. Refer to this article here to read all the options. MCI and the world directory of Medical schools approve the medical universities in these countries. This ensures that you get quality education at affordable rates.

International students have access to modern lab equipment, testing methodologies, and advanced research. The stress on practical experience in overseas education makes the candidate stand out. They also have the option to practice medicine in foreign nations and India. Also, international students learn essential life skills while living abroad, which help them excel in life.

There are varying requirements for studying MBBS abroad. Some medical universities accept NEET scores, while some others have a specific test. A handful of universities offer MBBS without NEET. All universities require students to pass 12th grade with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Another criterion is that students need to be a minimum of 17 years of age.

The answer depends on the combination of the university and the preferred country. For instance, Northern State Medical University in Russia does not ask for a NEET score for admission to their MBBS program. So, head on to the official website of your chosen university to find out more. If you need help, book a free counseling session here.

FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduate Exam is the official test conducted by MCI for international MBBS students. If the candidates pass this test, they can practice medicine in India, otherwise not. Many universities also provide coaching for Indian students to pass FMGE exams.

The duration of the course ranges from 5 years to 8 years, including internship and clinical practice. Some countries like Germany may also need students to study their native language, i.e., German, for one year. Students can always choose English courses in all countries. Check out before applying with the university whether you will be taught in English or any other language.

The living cost will depend on the preferred destination to study abroad. If you choose to study in a developed country or a stronger currency like China, your living expenses and tuition fees will be higher. However, if you choose a country like Belarus, you can cut down your expenses significantly.