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Why Study Abroad

We all dream of a better life, being at the top of our fields and being number one.
At VidyaEdify we help you realise your dream by pursuing the best course from an international university.

There are multiple advantages and benefits of studying abroad and getting an international degree. The number one being the very potent experience of studying and living abroad, which can change your life and take your career to the next level!

Read on to find out the top 10 reasons to study Abroad

We have all heard about how WHERE you do your Education from is a game changer – That's why everyone wants to get into an ivy-league college and catapult themselves to success.

By choosing to study abroad, you are not limited by your location, and can choose the best university for your career.

VidyaEdify helps you select the top-ranking international university for your chosen field, and help you gain the boasting rights about the calibre of your education.

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Studying abroad brings you international exposure and you see a whole new world – which is very different from the Indian way of life.

You learn the essential skill of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures – and this is a big game-changer as you work your way up the corporate ladder.

When you live in another country, you get to know the culture, traditions and what makes them different than you and your country and ways. This gets you acquainted with the people's day-to-day activities and a point of view which you can cannot get from reading a book or watching a movie – This holds you in good stead as you interact with different people through your career – This can actually give you an edge over others in your office.

Your ability to handle different situations with ease and confidence increases as you understand the world better, and this gives you an advantage in your Career and Life.

We live in an interconnected world. By studying abroad, you have earned a fantastic resume rich with real-life, problem-solving experiences and international exposure, making you a standout amongst the sea of applicants.

Employers nowadays look for employees who have a global mind-set and are willing to explore opportunities in different parts of the world.

They will especially want workers who can fit into a multicultural society, where you can effectively work and drive results – your experience of having studied and living abroad gives you the experience of managing work with people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Corporates the world over, especially in India, prefer to hire candidates who have studied and worked (even internships) abroad as they bring a wider perspective and understanding to their role and exposure to international processes which they can bring to the Indian corporates.

An international course abroad is usually from a few months to a few years depending on your course of study – This provides you with the opportunity and time to build solid relationships with other international students, alumni and teachers.

International universities provide great opportunities for networking and building a strong professional circle which benefits your career growth as you have contacts across the globe.

When you study abroad you learn life skills which only being in foreign country surrounded by strangers can teach you.

You will learn valuable skills like communication, money-management, time management, etc. Earning your degree abroad ensures you are diligent and responsible for yourself, your household, finances, education, and so on, and all of this will give you the confidence to take on the world.

When you live abroad, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself and learn a foreign language easily and also polish your English language skills.

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to develop your language skills as you interact with native speakers and learn to speak with them in their language, and this has a positive impact on your career as most corporates prefer to hire multi-lingual professionals.

When you are at an international destination, it is but natural to explore the country.

Studying abroad for a few years give you the perfect opportunity to get to know your host country and explore it deeply. You can go on many adventures and learn a lot about the locals and the culture as you explore your city and other nearby locations.

Such an enriching experience helps you in all areas of your Life and Career, as a well-travelled individual is a class-apart from the others, thanks to the world he has seen through traveling.

When you are pushed out of your comfort zone, you become independent and confident. Additionally, you also get to know what people from all over the world think about your nation and culture. Studying abroad will restructure your biases and belief systems to gain a more objective view of yourself or your culture. It is also a great opportunity to share with people about your own culture and country.

When you look at the quality of Education and exposure and the advantages you gain in your career and Life, the tuition fees of studying abroad is well worth the investment.

Many international programs and universities may have study fee waivers or study-abroad scholarships which made it even more affordable to go abroad and study.

There are also many international destinations which offer excellent education at a much lower tuition due to the India currency being stronger or the same upon conversion.

For example, If you are an Indian student studying MBBS in Russia, you will save money while gaining an international standard in Education.

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When you get away from your closest bonds for overseas education, you get to appreciate their value in your life. You will enjoy coming home all the more. And you will have many interesting stories to share from all your experiences.

There are many more benefits and advantages –

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