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MBBS in Russia
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MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Russia has the highest quality of education with low costs for international students. Russian Universities have two intakes in January and September, and 30 Russian Universities rank in the top 100 world universities.

Quick Overview of MBBS in Russia

Here are some facts about studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students:

Degree Awarded
MD (Physician) equivalent to MBBS in India
6 years
Medium of Instruction
English Medium
September and February
50% in PCB / 40% SC/ST + NEET Qualified
NEET Requirement
Yes, qualifying NEET is mandatory
Not Required
NMC and WHO approved
Type of Medical Universities
Tuition Fee Structure
Ruble 2,08,000 – 5,80,000 per year
Hostel Charges
Ruble 20,000 – 40,000 per year
Mess Charges
Ruble 8,000 – 10,000 per month
Degree Awarded
MD (Physician) equivalent to MBBS in India
6 years
Medium of Instruction
English Medium
September and February
50% in PCB / 40% SC/ST + NEET Qualified
NEET Requirement
Yes, qualifying NEET is mandatory
Not Required
NMC and WHO approved
Type of Medical Universities
Tuition Fee Structure
Between USD 3,700 – 10,000 per year
Living Cost
250 - 300 USD / Month
MBBS in Russia Fee Structure

Here is the list of the best top universities in Russia with the latest fee structure.

Universities Location Year Tuition Fee per Year Total Fee
(Ist to 6th Year)
Ruble INR Ruble INR
Altai State Medical University Barnaul 1954 323600 330072 1941600 1980432
Bashkir State Medical University Ufa 1932 294120 300002 1764720 1800014
Kazan State Medical University Kazan 1814 416000 424320 2496000 2545920
Cremia Federal University Simferopol 1918 250000 255000 1500000 1530000
Omsk State Medical University Omsk 1920 208000 212160 1248000 1272960
Kemerovo State Medical University Kemerovo 1935 235000 239700 1410000 1438200
Kuban State Medical University Krasnodar 1920 236000 240720 1416000 1444320
South Ural State University Chelyabinsk 1943 238000 242760 1428000 1456560
Orel State University Oryol 1931 240000 244800 1440000 1468800
Ural State Medical University Sverdlovsk 1930 248680 253654 1492080 1521922
Tver State Medical University Tver 1936 262760 268015 1576560 1608091
Ulyanovsk State Medical University Ulyanovsk 1988 281000 286620 1686000 1719720
Siberian State Medical University Tomsk 1878 323400 329868 1940400 1979208
Samara State Medical University Samara 1919 380000 387600 2280000 2325600
Far Eastern Federal University Krai 1899 393500 401370 2361000 2408220
Volgograd State Medical University Volgograd 1935 428000 436560 2568000 2619360
Kazan Federal University Kazan 1804 468000 477360 2808000 2864160
Kursk State Medical University Kursk 1935 468000 477360 2808000 2864160
Pirogov Russian National Reserch Medical University Moscow 1906 478400 487968 2870400 2927808
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Univerity Moscow 1755 698000 711960 4188000 4271760

Hostel Fee per year 20000 - 40000 Ruble
Insurance Charges per year 10000 Ruble
INR Amount is calculated as per the exchange rate of Ruble (1 Rub = 1.02 INR)

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Admission Process for MBBS in Russia

Universities in Russia offer a simplified and straightforward admission process for Indian students who wish to study MBBS.

  • First, fill the Application Form and Submit it for approval
  • After the successful submission, you will get an Offer Letter from the University
  • Complete your enrolment payment within the due date
  • Now, you can apply for your student Visa for Russia
  • After getting your student Visa, you can pack your bags to study MBBS in Russia

Detail – Admission Process – Click Here

Eligibility & Documentation to study MBBS in Russia

Eligibility for MBBS in Russia
Russian universities have some eligibility criteria for Indian students to study MBBS there:

  • Every student who applies should be at least 17 years on or before 31st December
  • Students should have secured at least 50% marks in their 12th standard either in ICSE or CBSE Board
  • Indian students should secure a decent score in NEET to enroll in Medicine in Russia
  • English Proficiency tests are not required to study MBBS in Russia

Documentation for MBBS in Russia
Indian students are asked to submit the following documents for pursuing their MBBS in Russia:

  • Birth Certificate
  • 10th and 12th Mark Sheets
  • Passport with a validity of 18 months
  • Offer Letter from the Russian Medical University
  • Your Passport Size Photos
  • Receipt of Visa and 1st-year tuition fees
  • Authorization and proof of all your documents from the Ministry of External Affairs and the Russian Embassy
  • Medical Certificates
  • Receipt of the payment of Visa fees

Contact a VidyaEdify counsellor today to help you with your application

Detail – Eligibility & Documents – Click Here

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia

Why MBBS in Russia beneficial for Indian Students: Reason of MBBS in Russia

These are the key benefits why thousands of Indian students choose to study MBBS in Russia.

  • Ease of Admission
    The admission procedure for MBBS is easy in Russia.
  • Specialization Opportunities
    Russian medical universities offer ample choices to MBBS students for specialization.
  • Visa guarantees for students
    100% guarantee for Indian students to get student visas if accepted by a Russian university.
  • Excellent Guidance
    Russian universities give excellent guidance for clearing various medicine license exams like USMLE, NEXT, etc.
  • Scholarships
    There are many scholarships available for India students wanting to study medicine in Russia.
About Russia

Key Facts

Geographic Location
The country is located on the northeastern portion of the Eurasian landmass.

14.61 corers

Russian Ruble

Calling Code

Main Religion


Major Cities
St. Petersburg, Kazan, Omsk

Top Sights to visit
• Red Square, Moscow
• State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
• Peterhof, St. Petersburg

Russia, the largest country in the world, has a rich culture and upscale lifestyle. Both the official and prevalent language is Russian.

According to UNESCO, Russia is the 6th most favored study abroad destination for international students.

Education System in Russia

The MBBS education includes clinical training, laboratory experiments, group discussions, seminars, making it a highly practical approach to learning medicine.

Most of the top medical universities have experience of 150 years of medical studies. All medical universities in Russia are recognized by WHO and the Medical Council of countries in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

It'll take 6 years to complete MBBS in Russia if you study MBBS in English. Russian Universities offer dual diplomas for medical students. The initial 3 years cover theoretical aspects, and the last 3 focus on an internship in surgery.

India - Russia Relations

India and Russia cooperate in security, research, international diplomatic bodies, etc. Both the countries are secular democracies that have a mutual interest in each other's development. Hence, Russia is the most popular option for Indian medical students to pursue MBBS in top Russian Universities.

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