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Visa Application Assistance

Visas are the official permission for a foreigner to enter a country. A student visa allows students to enter and stay in a country for education. Different countries have different requirements and the visa eligibility criteria for international students differs for students from different countries.

The following guide covers general information on visa applications:

How long does it take a student visa to process?

The processing time depends on a case-to-case basis for different countries. However, 3-4 months is the expected duration. Apply as soon as you get the admission confirmation from your university. If you apply for scholarships or an education loan, 6 months are needed.

Documents needed for a student Visa

Bonafide Student
The first student visa document is the proof of a valid admission to a foreign university.

Financial Stability
Next up, some countries like Canada and Russia also ask students to share proof of funds from student visa approval. Proof of funds is the minimum bank balance for a student visa needed to cover tuition and living expenses in the foreign country.

Valid Passport
You also need a passport whose validity period exceeds your stay period by 6 months.

Language Proficiency
Countries like the USA also require students to show the results of their preferred English proficiency tests.

Visa Interview
All students need to face an interview to gain a student visa successfully.

What are student visa types?

Students can apply for different types of student visas. For example, the US offers two types of student visas, i.e. Student visa M and Student visa F. Also, the student visa will depend on the field and duration of your coursework.

Student Visa Cost
The cost will largely vary from country to country. For instance student visa for Canada will incur a cost of around 11000 INR.

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