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Tips for preparing for the 12th Exam

Tips for preparing for the 12th Exam

Tip 1: Follow the textbook

The critical tip is never to ditch the textbook. Irrespective of your stream, you must relentlessly focus on the contents of your school textbooks. The books give you clear ideas about the syllabus. It becomes easier for you to follow a plan and study accordingly. When you thoroughly read the textbooks, you remain more confident regarding various segments of the exam syllabus.

Tip 2: Study with a clear strategy

It would help if you studied strategically to secure high marks in the 12th Board Exam. Studying more is not the solution. You have to study intelligently. There should be a well-defined study plan in place. Moreover, the plan should be flexible to accommodate different segments of the syllabus most optimally without any compromise.

Tip 3: Practice daily

It is vital to practice a wide range of questions daily. Regularity develops skills and improves them. More and more practice instils confidence in you. You get a clear vision about taking the Exam. Try to cover numerous varieties of questions. Your exam-taking skills become more versatile. There is no doubt that you become equipped for the D-day.

Tip 4: Identify the weak areas

Identifying the weak areas and focusing on those segments is essential. The more efficiently you can do it, the better it will be for you. You may seek help from educational consultants in this regard. Keep in mind to work regularly on transforming your weak areas into vital areas.

Tip 5: Solve question papers from previous years

One of the most effective tips is to solve questions papers from previous years. It is arguable the best possible way to know your preparation status. You will go ahead of your peers when you solve questions from previous editions of the 12th Board Exam.

Tip 6: Focus on improving Time-management Skills

Keep in mind to constantly focus on your time-management skills. It is because time is one of the crucial factors you need to consider to secure high marks in the Exam. An excellent way to develop the skill is to sit for mock tests regularly. Detailed evaluation will tell you how good you are at managing time. Moreover, solving previous years' questions also gives you an advantageous edge. Note the areas where you lag or struggle in managing time. Do not forget to work on those areas.

Seek suggestions from top education consultants

Feel free to get in touch with the expert educational consultants of Vidya Edify to get clear ideas about exam preparation tips and courses you can study after you clear the 12th Board Exam. You can call us or shoot an e-mail with your queries.


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