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Study in France
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Study in France

Everything you need to know to study abroad in France:

France is not just beautiful but one of the most desirable places to study abroad. It offers a diverse range of top ranking universities and institutions with low tuition fees and the French lifestyle. Most of them rank high in the best universities in Europe and the world. It also offers diverse work opportunities as apart from being an Agricultural nation, it also has orchards, vineyards, forestry and fishing, and many other commercial industries.

Cost of Studying in France

Public universities at France have much lower tuition fees than many of the other international destinations.

Degree Fees per year (approx.)
Licence / Bachelor € 2770/-
Master € 3770/-
Ph.D € 380/-

Public Universities charge varying fees as per different degrees. Speak to our expert today to know the fees for your chosen course and college.

Cost of Living in France

Tuition fees in public universities are between €600 to €1000/year. While accommodation expenses for students would be approximately €200 to €400/month in shared accommodation, food will cost around €250-€300/month, and public transportation will be around €30-€75/month.

Annual Cost € 6000 - € 10000 (INR 5.60 - 8.45 Lakh)
Weekly Average € 120 - € 200 (INR 10000 - 17000)
Part time earning in France (working along with studying)

A non-EU student can work for a maximum of 964 hours in any given year provided they have a valid student residence permit. Student with residency permit need not obtain temporary employment permission, Autorisation Provisoire deTravail (APT - Temporary Work Permit) again. Plus, international students can also work at their host university. All international students qualify to get the minimum wage.

Hours you can work Part time 964 hours per year
Hourly Rate € 9.76
Hours you can work per week 20 hour
Weekly Earning € 195.2 (INR 16500/-)


A large number of scholarships are offered by French public institutes and the Erasmus+ programme to foreign students.

Some of the popular scholarships are: The French Ministry of Higher education and Research, The Charpak, La Femis, MOPGA and the Eiffel program of excellence.

Work Permit after Study in France

As per the immigration rules of the country, students on completing studies in France must leave France. Bachelor’s students can obtain a residence permit if they find a paid opportunity. The Master’s students can stay back in France with a temporary visa, APT, to find paid employment. The doctoral students enjoy the highest privilege. If they have “talent passport” and EU blue card both, they can apply for a permanent residence, given they have lived in Europe for continued five years, with the last two years in France. It is beneficial to speak the French language if you want to live and work in France.

Education System in France

The French Education system has three levels : primary, secondary and higher education.

After completing high school, for Higher Education a student can choose either an Academic diploma or a vocational one.

A student can pursue a Licence (3 years bachelor), Master (2 years) or Doctorate (3 years) degree from any of the universities which offer Academic, technical and professional degrees.

Top Courses to Study in France

Management Engineering Philosophy
Science Literary Studies IT

Intakes in France

The Academic year begins in September / October – and this is the single intake for all courses and universities.

Some courses allow for students intakes in the Spring, Summer and Winter semesters as well.

Intake Duration
Fall September
Winter January
Summer May
Eligibility & Admission Process

Eligibility Criteria
To study in France there is a minimum eligibility criterion as below:

  • It is best that you apply directly from the university website.
  • Generally, standard tests, such as the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT are required for undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Non-EU/EEA students need to pass the compulsory Preliminary Admission.
  • Hold a foreign high-school diploma/bachelor's degree (for graduate students) that proves that you qualify for university education in France with a minimum of 59% in your last two years of study.
  • English or French language proficiency depending on the program you want to apply for. TOEFL and IELTS for English exams.
  • Specific universities / programs require particular entrance exams.

You will get all the details here.

Student Visa Application
Indian students in France may need the VLS-TS visa ("étudiant"). With this visa, you are allowed to live, study, work up to 20 hours a week, and travel freely in countries of the Schengen area. Once you arrive in France, you need to validate the visa within 3 months with no need to request a residence permit. Basically, there are three types of long-stay student visas in France:

  • The Student VLS-TS Visa for Bachelor's and Master's studies
  • The Talent Passport VLS-TS Visa for Doctorate studies
  • The Internship VLS-TS Visa for internships

Check the eligibility criteria to apply for a student visa from the official website.

Why Study in France

Preferred Destination
France is among the top five hosts of international students. 42% of the doctoral candidates in France are international students.

Large Network
It has a network of 3,500 public and private universities throughout France.

Financial Aid
The French government finances the major cost of education.

Rich History and Culture
France has people from all backgrounds and heritages an some of the sites in the world (the Eiffel tower and The Louvre, to name two).

French way of Life and Cuisine
Studying in France gives the opportunity to experience the local life and food which are known to be a world apart.

About France

Key Facts

Geographic Location
France is a country located in North Western Europe.

6.74 Crores

Euro (€)

Calling Code

Main Religion


Major Cities
Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes

Popular Festivals
• Bastille Day
• Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival
• Menton Lemon Festival

France is one of Europe’s largest countries, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

It shares borders with 6 other nations : Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. The United Kingdom also shares a border with France via the English Channel.

France has a long history and is rich in artistic, philosophical, and scientific traditions. France has the perfect blend of culture, cuisine, and art. This makes it an exciting destination to study in France among international students across the world.

India - France Relations

Around 106,000 Indian migrants and NRI's live across France. Traditionally, India-France share very old trade relations. In modern times, French and Indians share their cultural values with programs like Namaste France and Bonjour India.

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