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Guide to Study Abroad

Guide to Parents for Study Abroad
So, your child has decided to chase their big dreams and study abroad. Though you understand and support their efforts, you are wondering - "How do I prepare my child for studying abroad?"
Here are simple and easy ways to support your child in following their dreams:

Understanding their reasons

Take some time out and talk about it with your child. What is their main reason behind overseas education? Do they wish to study at a top university or advanced coursework? Or is it a desire to explore the world by being an international student?

The detailed analysis

As parents, you'll always feel responsible for your child. Research on the country and courses that they are planning to study abroad. Find out the future job opportunities in the field they want to study, and is the country suitable for their personal and professional growth?

Correct guidance

You might have or have not studied abroad. But, you can still help your child to make correct decisions. Share your struggles and setbacks with them to prepare them for unexpected failures and be self-dependent. Help them be realistic about the challenges they may face in a new place and with new people.

Financial support

You will have to support their plans to study abroad financially. Check how much amount you can arrange for yourself. In case you need help from friends and family, arrange for the same. However, it's easy to get an education loan for studying abroad. There are many scholarships for Indian students too.

The Actual drill

Getting admission abroad is a long and complex process with a lot of paperwork. Add on to it preparing for IELTS, GRE and other such admission exams. Help your child with all the formalities or stand by them when they get all this done.

Ensuring safety

Your child may not adjust to certain cultures, given his overall personality. Make sure they are well aware of such challenges. Plus, get all medical check-ups for your child that might be compulsory for studying at a foreign university.


Your child may feel confused or fearful about going away for a long duration. Communicate with them from time to time to boost their confidence. Before they leave, take a chance to strengthen your bond further with them by strong face-to-face communication and spending quality time together.