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Scholarships Abroad

If you dropped your plan to study abroad as the tuition fees are too high, then the scholarship route is the solution for you.

Bagging the right scholarship for studying abroad can help fulfil the desire of gaining international exposure and worldwide opportunities.

A Scholarship is a financial aid for international students that is granted by universities / colleges / governments / private individuals affiliated with the institute, etc which supports the students' education expenses and to some extent other living expenses. It is not cash support but a reduction in fees either fully or partially.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for scholarships for higher education:

Contact a VidyaEdify counselor today to know more about the Scholarship process for your preferred university and destination.

Do thorough research of all possible scholarships for Indian students to study abroad available. It can be country-wise, university-wise, government-wise, course-wise, institute-wise. Contact the study institutions, speak to the concerned person or departments to get better clarity on the requirements, the last dates, the procedure, etc.

Next, you need to identify which scholarships for studying abroad are suitable for you. There are different types of study abroad scholarships available. Some are based on merit (academics), socio-economic condition, area-wise, country-wise, differently disabled, student-wise (belonging to any specific race, religion, history, oppressed sections of the society), low-income groups, athletic/ artistic based, international students, etc.

Post identifying the various scholarships for studying abroad, you will have to self-qualify which category suits your situation. Remember, you will have to qualify based on eligibility. Are you eligible for a specific study abroad scholarship?

Also, you have to shortlist a scholarship that suits your study requirements. Hence it's a two-way qualification. First, if you suit their requirements, and second if they suit your requirements.

Next is to prepare the necessary documents before applying for the scholarship abroad. It can be academic mark sheets of the qualifying exams, income statement, other merits such as an award if applying under sports or arts, relevant details, any other detail that helps you qualify the selection, a cover letter that states the reasons for your application and purpose of scholarship, reference letter, university admission letter. It is recommended to read all scholarship requirements and guidelines thoroughly.

After preparation, you will need to apply to the institute/college /university or authority with the scholarship application and necessary supporting documents. Please make sure all the requirements are fulfilled. Any negligence will cost you the scholarship for life.

Keep Applying
It is essential that you keep applying at various places for scholarships for studying abroad. Don't commit the mistake of one application and rest. Apply for a scholarship abroad at the preferred places as per the self-qualification list.

The process of applying and obtaining a scholarship for studying abroad is time-consuming and draining, but is worth the effort. Be diligent, scrutinize all the scholarship opportunities, choose the one that suits you the best in terms of eligibility, and then apply.

Every institute or university has its rationale for granting a scholarship. Understand that, and self-qualify along with other requirements. There is huge competition for foreign education and applying for scholarships for studying abroad. Securing a scholarship is like a ticket to study abroad. It may not cover the entire cost but can easily reduce your financial burden and aid in opening a door of opportunities.

Contact our education abroad consultants to get correct and timely guidance.