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Terms and Conditions

It is hereby notified to every visitor on our website that operations of Vidya Edify, including consulting at any level in the educational sector, are guided by a well-defined set of rules and regulations. It is mandatory for each visitor to abide by the terms and conditions of Vidya Edify. The terms and conditions are in compliance with the general industry standards, within a regulatory framework. The visitor is free to leave the website is he/she has disagreement with any of the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.

  • After registering for any our consulting services, the bindings will be applicable to all parties involved.
  • The services we provide are on one-time basis. The costs are adjusted accordingly.
  • Applications fees, if any, are non-refundable after the customer has already registered for the services.
  • It is requested to go through the refund policies of each university/institute in a case-specific manner.
  • The services will be instantly terminated if there is any balance left in terms of payment for the same services.
  • Vidya Edify professionally arranges for a comprehensive session/platform to instruct the students and parents about various aspects of pre-departure process.
  • Vidya Edify never guarantees VISA issuance by the respective consulates of the countries. As licensed education consultants, we are not responsible for acceptance or rejection in student visas.
  • We are not responsible for activities of any kind of an entity that uses our name in equivalent or any different form.
  • Vidya Edify is not responsible of any unscrupulous activity or breach or forgery of data by students and parents at any stage of rendering services.
  • Unless specified, each information present and related directly or indirectly on the website of Vidya Edify, including customer data, is the sole property of the registered and licensed entity of Vidya Edify.
  • Printing, copying, duplicating, recreating any website content belonging to Vidya Edify is prohibited unless discussed with the concerned authorities and going through a valid administered process as applicable.
  • Any violation of any of the terms and conditions as mentioned by the official documents of Vidya Edify, including this website, will be dealt legally.