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Pre Departure Support

As a student, studying abroad is a life-changing moment. Your life will change by 360 degrees. After the initial struggle of passing your tests, getting a seat in foreign university, and clearing visa interviews. It’s time to chase your dreams. Congratulations!

But, before that prepare for pre-departure. Our Pre-Departure sessions help our students have a comfortable stay abroad and prepare them with all tips so that they have a smooth experience studying abroad. We give a chance to our students heading for the same university/country to interact and form friendship before entering a foreign land. This way you already have a ready-support system.

Since it's not a holiday, but a study trip which in most cases exceeds 3 years. It's a foreign land with new regulations and culture, you may feel left out. So, prepare yourself mentally for new challenges abroad. But before that, it is of utmost importance that you tick off the pre-departure checklist given below to ensure a smooth sail.

Pre-Departure checklist for a comfortable stay abroad:

Pre Travel Advice

  • Health check-ups and Vaccinations
    It is imperative that before you leave, have a thorough full-body check-up. Health treatments abroad are too expensive. Since every country has a list of mandatory vaccines, make sure you have taken the necessary vaccines.
  • Health Insurance
    Get Health insurance, this will be helpful in times of emergency.
  • Carry necessary over-the-counter medicines for minor health issues. Carry only permitted medicines. Certain medicines are banned in specific countries.
  • Packing
    Things to carry abroad to make your overseas education stay easy:
    Clothes: Pack clothes depending on the current and upcoming weather and place. Ex: winter or summer clothes. Take some extra clothes too as you might not immediately find a laundry.
    Toiletries: You can carry essentials, which will be helpful for initial months.
    Food: Carry some permitted home-cooked food (that can be consumed within 7 days) spices, snacks, and savories, packaged goods, and some cooking vessels.
    Electronic Gadgets: You can take devices like laptops, storage devices, extra travel adaptors and chargers, camera, power bank, etc.
  • Carry luggage within permitted weight limits. Extra charges shall be levied if luggage weight exceeds the limit. Make sure to check the different limits for hand and cabin luggage.
  • Important Documents needed at the international airport and beyond:
    • Passport
    • Travel tickets
    • Visa
    • ID proofs
    • Academic documents in original (extra copies too)
    • Attested documents
    • College offer letter
    • Health and Insurance certificates
  • Foreign Currency
    Make sure you have sufficient cash in foreign currency for petty and emergency expenses. Carry a fully loaded forex card. Make necessary payment before traveling via wired transfer. Click here to know more about forex cards.
  • Make travel arrangements post-arrival.
  • List out necessary phone numbers for difficult situations
    You also have the VidyaEdify support at your Education destination – so remember to carry our helpline number.
  • Buy foreign SIM card and recharge plans (can be taken post-arrival depending on the country)

Post Travel Advice

  • After landing: You will have to undergo immigration checks and customs checks.
  • Report at the university and complete post admissions procedure, if any.
  • Orientation: Get yourself acclimatized with the locals. Be friendly but stay safe from suspicious persons.
  • Explore the neighbourhood for necessary places like places of worship, hospitals, grocery or supermarket (especially Indian store), laundry, movie halls, banks, police station, necessary government offices, etc.
  • Open a bank account for managing expenses and for money transfers.
  • Get familiar with local culture. It will help you in the long run and in times of homesickness.
  • Get your student schedule for classes: make sure you are punctual and don't miss classes.
  • Be prepared for a culture shock. You will meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. Learn from them. Or at least respect individual differences.
  • Have necessary maps for easy local travels, download and save frequently traveled routes offline. Secure bus/train passes with student concession.
  • Learn the local laws. You must obey the laws of the land.

The above list will definitely help in having a comfortable and homely stay abroad. Complete your course with flying colors and tossing your graduation hats in the air in celebration.

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