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Study Abroad FAQs

If you wonder about the benefits of studying abroad, you will be glad to know there are many. International exposure, research activities, renowned instructors, living standard, etc., are a few reasons to study abroad. Plus, if you have missed getting admission into a coveted Indian universities, you can consider study abroad opportunities.

The popular courses students study abroad are Engineering, Management, Medical, Hospitality and Tourism, Nursing, Architecture, etc. The best part is you can opt for countries that have an eminent focus on your desired field of study and choose excellent educational facilities.

Students need to be eligible to study at a foreign university. Research the official website or get in touch with our counselors to understand your study abroad program and university eligibility.

For example, if you want to pursue an MBA abroad, you need to have a bachelor's degree, a test score like GMAT, essential documents like LOR/SOP, etc.

Read more about it here.

Your chosen field of study, test scores, and preferences must determine the location for overseas education.

Choosing a study abroad destination can be overwhelming. But, research the University, talk to alumni and the international students' department to determine the best country for you to study abroad.

Or Contact a VidyaEdify counselor today – with over two decades of experience, we have help you find the right course and country.

It is hard to find a 100% fee waiver for education abroad. But, keep an eye on the international students' scholarships offered by the government, University, or other charities. You can significantly reduce your tuition cost if you qualify for these. Also, consider minimizing the cost of living abroad if finances are your concern.

Different tests check different aspects of language proficiency, including Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Comprehension, and Vocabulary. Subject-specific tests like NMAT check your suitability for studying MBBS abroad. Find out the syllabus and study thoroughly. Often test your learning with previous year's papers and keep improving on your scores. Immerse yourself in the required foreign language like German/Russian to make the process easier.

Overseas education consultants are experienced professionals who guide students like you to choose a coveted university study program abroad. They counsel you to align your skill sets and ambitions to get the best fruits of international education. They also help you in applying to universities abroad in a hassle-free manner.

When you should prepare will depend on your academic background and your goals. If you are aiming for top universities like Leeds, Harvard. Then we would say the sooner, the better. Make sure to have a convenient time gap to ensure your tests, documentation, visa application, travel arrangements, etc., get completed before time.


If you need further help, feel free to book a session with expert counselors here.