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A precise overview of the DMLT Course

A precise overview of the DMLT Course

The complete form of DMLT is Diploma in Medical Technology. It is a sought-after diploma course for students interested in building a career in the medical science field. The DMLT course makes it possible for a candidate to directly involve himself in the medical profession even by not pursuing an MBBS degree.

It is crucial to seek expert help from a top educational consulting service provider to gather more information about DMLT courses and secure a seat. One of the top service providers is Vidya Edify. Here are some more relevant details of the course.

The Duration of the Course

The course duration is 1 year in most medical institutes. Still, it is wise to enquire from the college or university about the course's duration. The course includes a 5-month internship in its 1-year duration. You gain practical work experience through the internship.

The Advanced Form of the Course

There is also an advanced form of the course known as ADMLT. The diploma course is a 2-year programme. There are some good institutes in India and abroad where you can get admissions. The 2-year programme includes an internship of 6 months.

Why do you study DMLT?

You might wonder about a valid reason to study the DMLT course. There are some robust reasons. One of the main reasons to pursue DMLT is a considerable demand for professionals who have technical knowledge in medical equipment, machines, and instruments. You gain expertise by passing the DMLT course.

Passing NEET is not mandatory

A crucial point to keep in mind is that you do not have to mandatorily pass the NEET exam to be admitted to study DMLT. There is no such obligation in any medical institute or college. So, you do not have to present a NEET score to secure a seat.

The Eligibility of the Course

It would be best if you had clear ideas about the eligibility conditions for pursuing the course. The criterion is to pass the 12th board examination in the science stream. The combination of subjects should be Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. You must attain a minimum of 50% marks in the exam.

The syllabus of the DMLT Course

You should be aware of the structure of the course. It is crucial to know the details of the syllabus. The curriculum is divided into parts or the year's syllabus of the programme you pursue for 2 years.

You have to study the basics of the following subjects:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Community Medicine
  • Pathology (Immunology + Blood Banking + Haematology + Cytology)
  • Microbiology (General Bacteriology + System Bacteriology + Clinical Bacteriology)
  • Biochemistry

The course covers various medical technologies, implementation, uses, and advantages.

The Course Fees

It is vital to know the fees you need to pay for the course. Usually, a candidate needs to spend between Rs 20,000/- to Rs 1 00 000/- to pursue the DMLT course. The fees vary according to the institute's facilities, infrastructure, reputation, etc.

Entrance Exam

As NEET is not compulsory to get admission in a DMLT course, there are entrance exams in different medical colleges and institutes. The pattern of exams may vary from institute to institute. In some cases, admissions are based on the total marks obtained in the 12th Board Exam. Vidya Edify helps you to know more about the admission process of DMLT courses.

Various versions of the Course

There are three broad versions in which you can complete the DMLT course. The first version is the conventional way of studying at the institute. The second version is studying offline. Moreover, a version offers a blended learning model, where you study both offline and online.

Career opportunities after completing the DMLT course

After completing the diploma course successfully, there are ample opportunities in the medical industry. You can straightaway join the industry as a certified professional.

  • You can become a lab technician in a diagnostic medical laboratory
  • You get the scope of becoming a medical lab manager
  • It is possible to become a healthcare administrator in a nursing home or medical centre
  • You can also become an academic trainer in the medical field
  • It becomes easier to secure a job as a medical technologist
  • You can also become a medical writer in journals or new agencies
  • Pursuing further studies is possible.

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