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Ensure a Bright Medical Career by studying MBBS in Russia 2022-23

Ensure a Bright Medical Career by studying MBBS in Russia 2022-23

If you dream to become a successful doctor by earning a certified MBBS degree, Russia is an excellent choice. Russia has some world-famous medical institutes and hospitals that teach MBBS. When you Study MBBS in Russia, you can be sure of carving out a medical career after earning the degree from a prestigious university. Here are more details.

MBBS in Russia - Fees are affordable

Budget is arguably one of the first factors bothering Indian students when they think of pursuing medical education abroad. But, the good thing is, medical education in Russia is pretty affordable. You do not have to worry too much about the costs. The education expenses will remain under your control. There is no problem in managing the medical education costs in Russia. The budget is competitive from a practical viewpoint.

The duration of the course of MBBS in Russia

It is important to know the total duration of the course before you enrol in it. MBBS in Russia from a certified medical institute or university takes 6 years to complete. The duration remains same irrespective of the Russian university or institute from which you study.

Top Medical Institutes and Universities

It is wise to know about some of the top medical institutes and universities in Russia where you can study MBBS. First Moscow State Medical University is a Top mbbs university in Russia where you can study the course. It is among the most prestigious places to study MBBS in the world. The Kazan State Medical University is another university where you can study MBBS.

There are many other Universities that you can consider in this regard such as:

Siberian State Medical University Kursk State Medical University Crimean Federal University
Bashkir State Medical University Altai State Medical University Northern State Medical University
Ryazan State Medical University Far Eastern Federal University Mari State University
Perm State Medical University Orenburg State Medical University Tver State Medical University
Kuban State Medical University Smolensk State Medical University People's Friendship University
Volgograd State Medical University    


It is crucial to make a shortlist of medical universities before you make a final decision.


We, Vidya Edify expert counselors help you make the best selection keeping in practical aspects like budget and any preferences.


The medium is in English

The medium of instructions in the MBBS course is in English. So, you do not have to worry about language barriers. Basic knowledge in English is more than enough to attend the classes. There will be no issues on the matter.

No requirements of IELTS/TOEFL

One of the impressive things about an MBBS course in Russia is there is no requirement of a TOEFL or IELTS score, unlike universities in the Western World. So, it is not mandatory to sit for the IELTS or TOEFL to prove your credentials in English.

You need to get a NEET score

You have to sit for the All India NEET exam. Keep in mind that NEET qualify is mandatory. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) score is valid for three years for Indian students wanting to pursue undergraduate medical studies abroad.

You need marksheets from 10th and 12th standards

As a prospective student, you have to submit copies of your 10th and 12th standard marksheets to the concerned authorities. Also, you would have to submit a copy of your official birth certificate. Submitting medical certificates is mandatory, too.

The Admission procedure is hassle-free

You do not have to tackle any administrative glitches or hurdles during or after the admission process to a Russian medical institute or university. The process is smooth and takes minimum steps to complete. All you need to do is sincerely follow the instructions and abide by the set regulations.

There are Scholarship Opportunities

You would be more than happy to know that are there are plenty of scholarship opportunities in Russian MBBS courses. You will have the opportunity to opt for the financial aid while you fill detains in the application form.

Well-equipped Medical Institutes

The medical institutes and universities in Russia are well-equipped with advanced range of equipment sets, tools, and technologies. The education process is very thorough. You get hands-on-experience frequently while studying MBBS in the country. The learning environment is immersive and enjoyable.

Take advice of Our Education Consultants

A rational step you need to take is consulting our Vidya Edify education experts to chalk out a plan to start your MBBS course in Russia. They are experienced professionals who can give you the right guidance in this regard. You will not have any technical or administrative issues in pursuing MBBS in a top Russian university.

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