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Consider studying MBBS in Bangladesh to become a Certified Doctor

Consider studying MBBS in Bangladesh to become a Certified Doctor

Bangladesh has fast emerged as a preferred destination for Indian students to study MBBS. The admission process to Study MBBS in Bangladesh is easy, without any administrative hassles. If you nurture the dream of becoming a doctor from a prestigious institute at an affordable cost, consider studying MBBS in a reputable Bangladesh university or medical institute. Do you want to know further details? Continue reading the blog.

Seats are Reserve for Indian Students

You would be delighted to know that 25% of MBBS seats in Bangladesh universities are reserved for Indians. So, there are lots of opportunities available to Indian students to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, without worrying about the 'seat-crunch'. It is relatively easy to secure a desired MBBS seat in a Bangladesh medical institute. Also, it is crucial to seek advice from top-rated education consultants to expedite the process.

NEET Score is mandatory

Keep in mind that NEET score is mandatory to start your MBBS course in Bangladesh. The admission is not possible without a NEET score. So, it is compulsory to sit for the NEET exam to ensure admission. You have to fill the online form of NEET and take the exam. A good score increases the chances your admission in the MBBS course. Remember that NEET score is valid for 3 years for Indian students who aim to get admitted in undergraduate medical courses abroad.

Special Benefits in Tuitions

One of the tremendous benefits of studying in a Top MBBS University in Bangladesh is you do not have to worry about the tuition fees. Indian, along with Bangladesh, belongs to the SAARC countries. As a citizen of a SAARC country, you do not have to pay the medical education fees to study in Bangladesh. It makes a huge impact on your education costs. You have to only take care of the living expenses in the nation. The regulation significantly reduces the expenses. But note that you have to secure 95% marks in Std 12 to get the benefit of not paying any tuition fees.

Some Top Universities

It is helpful to know the names of some reputed universities and medical colleges in Bangladesh. The list of medical colleges and universities suitable for earning a MBBS degree in Bangladesh has some prestigious names. Check out the following names in this regard:

Dhaka National Medical College Community Based Medical College Enam Medical College
Ad-din Women's Medical College Shahabuddin Medical College Medical College for Women & Hospital
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Sylhet Women's Medical College Marks Medical College
North East Medical College    

We, an expert team of counselors of Vidya Edify, help you to choose the best medical college accounting for special preferences and costs.


Universities are Globally recognized

You do not have to bother about the recognition of the MBBS certificates from a reputable Bangladesh university. WHO and NMC recognize the universities and their MBBS certificates. So, you can practice anywhere in the world after becoming an MBBS doctor. It is also possible to continue your study and earn more advanced degrees.

Do not worry about Donation

One of the benefits of studying MBBS course in Bangladesh is you do not have to worry about paying any donation fees. Also, there are no capitation fees. The expenses remain transparent. There are no hidden costs in the admission procedures. You can stay confident about it.

No need to take TOEFL or IELTS

There is no requirement of taking the TOEFL or IELTS exam to get MBBS admission in a Bangladesh university. The medium of instruction in the institute is English. But, you do not have to show an IELTS or TOEFL score to secure admission. Hence, you can save money and time on these tests.

You get Internship Opportunities

One of the attributes of the MBBS courses in Bangladesh that will impress you is you get internship opportunities after successful completion of the degree. You can straightaway start practicing as an intern doctor after getting your MBBS degree from a trusted and certified institute in Bangladesh.

Submit Attested Document Copies

Keep in mind that you have to submit attested document copies to the concerned universities or medical institute during the admission process. Also, after you secure an admission, you need to show your original certificates to the authorities to confirm your credentials.

Talk to Education Consultants

It is always a wise idea to talk to education consultants who have many years of industry experience in guiding students to get admissions in MMBS courses in abroad. Feel free to place your queries with us, Vidya Edify. As reliable educational consultants, we are prompt and clear in addressing your queries regarding MBBS courses and admission process in Bangladesh.

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