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Career options after 12th Biology for Boys and Girls – Best Courses, Job Opportunities

Career options after 12th Biology for Boys and Girls – Best Courses, Job Opportunities

Planning a top career is a crucial aspect of every student's life. When you pass the 12th Board Exams with Biology as one of the subjects, you have to think wisely about your next move. There are several career options available in the education sector. You should consult with experienced professionals to choose the most suitable career option. Here are some details.

Option 1: Doctor

MBBS is a popular and rewarding career choice that you can consider. There are many medical colleges and universities in India and abroad where you can get admissions. The mandatory step is to register and sit for the NEET exam. A percentile score in NEET is a compulsory requirement to ensure a medical seat.

Other courses, too, let you become a doctor or further medical studies. Such courses are BAMS, BDS, and BUMS. Discussing the structure and scope of the courses with renowned educational consultants is the right thing to do. You can also plan to get admitted to BHMS, BVSC, and AH degree courses. You gain expertise, experience and advanced skills that ultimately benefit you in your medical career path.

Option 2: Nurse

Many of you might have nurtured the dream of becoming a nurse. It is one of the noblest professions you can consider. Many institutes in India teach nursing. Moreover, neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and China have full-fledged nursing courses. You have the option to get admitted to a nursing course abroad.

Biology should be one of the subjects in your class 12. The nursing courses in which you can get admissions are GNM and ANM. The courses develop extensive nursing skills and help you gain a rich experience. The courses cost less, too.

Option 3: Medical Support Staff

The demand for medical support staff has constantly been increasing in India. Even foreign countries have a huge demand for such professionals. Usually, paramedics fall under the category of medical support staff. You can also consider becoming a medical representative for a well-known pharmaceutical company.

Again, keep in mind that Biology should be one of your class 12 syllabus subjects. It eases your career building journey in the medical field. You can get admission to a paramedical course to gain the expertise and experience required for the job. You can land a Medical Representative's job with a B.Sc or M.Sc in Biology.

Option 4: Pharmacy

Are you interested in becoming a pharmacist? It is yet another option in the medical field that is perfectly suitable for students who have/had Biology in class 12. Moreover, there are plenty of seats across institutes in India and abroad.

You can consider passing the degree B. Pharm. to become a professional pharmacist. It is mandatory to clear the NEET exam to secure a B. Pharm. seat in a certified institute. Reliable educational consultants can guide you in this regard. You will get relevant information from them.

Option 5: Research Scientist

The job of a research scientist is prestigious. You can hold a highly illustrious position in the academic or corporate field. In most cases, you have to earn a PhD degree in one of the specialized fields in medical science to become eligible for a research scientist position.

The journey is long and but there are enviably rewarding results. You can earn your MBBS degree after passing NEET. After that, you have to earn an MD degree. The last stage is earning the PhD degree. Generally, many Indian and foreign medical institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations require research scientists. There is no shortage of such jobs.

Option 6: Professor / Teacher

Many boys and girls nurture the dream of becoming a professor or teacher from a young age. When you have Biology as one of the subjects in class 12, you can become a Biology teacher, Zoology or Botany lecturer, or even a professor of medicine, depending on your next career move.

You can earn an Honours Degree in Botany or Zoology, pass the B.Ed. Exam and apply to schools to become a teacher. On the other hand, if you want to become a lecturer in a college, you have to pass the NET exam and earn a PhD.

When you want to teach medical science in a reputed institute, it is compulsory to pass the NEET exam and earn MBBS, MD, and PhD degrees to become eligible.

Conclusive Note

The wise step is to Get in touch with the educational consultants of Vidya Edify, who have several years of rich industry experience. We professionally guide you to choose the most suitable career option without giving you any hassles. We provide you end-to-end services - from deciding the right career path to admission to a top college in India or abroad. Give us a call or shoot an email. We are here to address your queries promptly.

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