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Online Applications invited to obtain Eligibility Certificate required for FMGE 2022

Online Applications invited to obtain Eligibility Certificate required for FMGE 2022

The National Medical Commission (NMC) conducts medical exams in India and monitors the eligibility of candidates to practice medicine in India. The full-form of FMGE is Foreign Medical Examination. It is mandatory to pass the FMGE if the candidate has earned an MBBS degree abroad. The FMGE validates the candidate's expertise and grants him formal permission to practice in India.

Significance of an Eligibility Certificate

It is compulsory to obtain an eligibility certificate for the FMGE. One can't proceed to sit for the exam, pass it and practice medicine in India without a certificate.

Where can you Submit the Certificate?

You can submit the eligibility certificate on the official website of the NMC. It has a user-friendly portal. You must follow some simple instructions while submitting the eligibility certificate and secure permission to sit for the FMGE.

Easy Steps to Apply Online

You have to follow a few easy steps to apply online.

  • Generate a user ID and password by filling out the registration form
  • You will get the ID and password details via SMS and email
  • Fill out the application form, upload your recent photograph, and required documents
  • Agree to the declaration complying with the regulations of the concerned authorities
  • Submit the application form
  • Take a print-out of the application form, and keep the copy with you

The Exam Dates this year

The FMGE dates these years are in June and December. The first date is on June 4. The second date of the exam is December 17. It is advised to the candidates to verify the dates with the instructions displayed on the website of NMC. Double-checking will remove doubts and ensure you have the correct information. Later, you will not have any trouble.

Some crucial points about The Eligibility Criteria

It is helpful to be aware of some vital points, related to the eligibility criteria. You should be clear about obtaining the eligibility certificate for FMGE to get rid of any trace of confusion.

  • The certificate is provisional
  • The concerned authorities do not recognize the institute or medical college granting an eligibility certificate to the candidate
  • If the candidate has joined a medical college or institute after June 5, 2019, he has to sit for the NEET exam and pass it. In such a case, the scorecard of the NEET exam will be the eligibility certificate
  • Applicants planning to pursue medical studies abroad post-2014 should obtain the eligibility certificate before the start of their study courses
  • The NMC rejects any request of issuance of the certificate without meeting the required terms and conditions

The Education information that you need to Submit

While filling out the online application form to obtain the eligibility certificate, you should comply with the education details that NMC wants.

  • Passing date of 10th Board Exam (details from the mark sheet)
  • Passing date of 11th class exam (details from the mark sheet)
  • Passing date of 12th Board Exam (details from the mark sheet)
  • Details of passing B.Sc or any similar exam
  • Name of the country where the candidate is planning to pursue medical studies
  • Admission year of the Foreign Medical College
  • Name of the University that affiliates with the college
  • Full name of the MBBS/medical course

Get Expert help from Education Consultants

You can get in touch with us, Vidya Edify, to obtain detailed information about the eligibility certificate of FMGE and its application process. We have many years of experience in the higher education sector. As professionals, we guide and help you to achieve your goals. We are prompt in addressing your queries.


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